Live Edge Furniture

Made in Portland, Oregon

Live Edge Furniture: Tables, Seats & More...

Live Edge Furniture brings the raw beauty of nature into your interior environment. To achieve the perfect natural edge, a felled tree is thoughtfully milled into slabs while the contour of the tree is left intact. The bark is then removed, and the lateral edges of the slab are softly hand sanded to retain its character. Trees have a unique individuality, similar to our fingerprints, each one containing its own signature grain, figure, and color. Milbourn Woodworks sources from the highest quality selection of sustainable hardwoods available in Oregon. We transform this exquisite raw material into Fine Dining Tables, Coffee Tables, Slab Table Tops, Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops, Fireplace Mantles, Shelving, Benches and much more.

Featuring Our Live Edge Banquet Dining Table With Custom Seating

A Modern Take On A Live Edge Table

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